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Hot water ESPA heat pump Large hot water heat pump unit L-200 ~ 250

Hot water ESPA heat pump Large hot water heat pump unit L-200 ~ 250
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What are the advantages of ESPA hot water heat pump?


"Air Energy" core advantages: more comfortable, more energy efficient and safer:

Comfort: hot water display, real-time display of hot water temperature, power failure memory, avoid resetting, automatic heating, automatic constant temperature, automatic water replenishment, with built-in water supply and return control, more intelligent use.

Energy saving: two-phase timing, peak and valley energy saving, triple-core design, integrated control of heat pump, auxiliary electric heating (optional) and solar heating (optional), automatic control of heating mode.

Safety: Complete hydro-electric separation design, high-pressure shutdown protection, over-temperature protection, multi-function protective valve.

 The air energy water heater unit uses the principle of a heat pump to consume part of the electrical energy to obtain heat from the surrounding environment, which is transferred to the condenser through a compressor and released to the water in the water tank to heat it. Its working principle is the same as that of air-conditioning heating, except that air-conditioning draws heat from the natural environment and supplies it to the indoor environment. Air-energy water heaters use this part of the heat to heat hot water, which is more energy-efficient than traditional electric water heaters More than three times the output, is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally friendly water heater products.



Save money, save 75% electricity than ordinary electric water heaters, save 80% money than gas water heaters,

Saves 30% more electricity than solar water heaters.

It is safe to use, because there are no electrical components in direct contact with water, so there is no danger of leakage.

Comfortable, constant water temperature and plenty of water.

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