Prevent depression, let life be full of sunshine, walk, go swimming~
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Date: 2020-08-11
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Prevent depression, let life be full of sunshine, walk, go swimming~

"I have to admit that sometimes I really don't want to leave the pool.

Especially when depression occurs,

Swimming can bring me happiness and inner peace, so

So I really don’t want to leave my pool. "


This passage comes from a mother who suffered from postpartum depression,

When the topic of depression comes to us again,

We only discovered that "depression" is really not far from us.

Regardless of age, gender, occupation, depression afflicts more and more people...


In fact prevent depression,

Swimming may be one of the better methods.


During exercise,

The brain secretes a substance called endorphins,

Let the body and mind be relaxed and happy,

Naturally, it will help relieve stress and unhappiness.


Can produce endorphins to relieve stress.


When pressure from all sides comes,

You may be anxious,

May sweat more.

At this moment,

Choose to relax the muscles,

A quiet swim is perfect!

Not only can relax the body,

Exclude external interference,

More relevant research proves,

Swimming can go through a process called hippocampal nerve regeneration

To help restore brain functions that have been damaged by stress.


and so,

Someday feel that I am no longer in the state,

Might as well jump into the pool,

Enjoy release!


When your continuous exercise makes your body look better and healthier,

You will feel that self-management feels great!

With more confidence,

Naturally, there is more positive energy!


Such a sport that makes life full of sunshine,

Who can not love?

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